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Ready to pump

One day Istanbul Escort told me that is there any difference of sex pleasure in our early marriage day and these days? I replied that yes there is difference. In early marriage days your pussy was very tight during fuck but now a days your pussy is loose from inside and I don’t feel that tightness. She told that who is responsible for the same? I agreed that yes myself made your pussy loose that is why I always feel comfort in your pussy because it give me feeling that this is my own pussy and I have to love it and fuck it. She became very happy on my reply and in that night she gave me good numbered of fuck in different poses.

One day a distance girl relative, Istanbul Escort, aged 24, unmarried (38/24/38) of Escort came to our place to stay for few weeks for some work. She was very talkative and very very beautiful and having milky white complexion. Whole day she talks with Escort on so many garbage topics. She tell me Jija, and maximum time she keeps teasing me. Sometimes she try to tease me physically. I never feel bad for her tease because when she talks I always stare her face, good sized boobs. One day I was in night dress and Escort came to me to tease and all of sudden she caught my erected hard cock and after few message of my cock she left my room quickly. I got amazed on her behaviour but at the same time it gave me great pleasure. In night I told this to Escort. Escort got surprised but she told that she want your cock to satiate her. Escort told me that dear you are lucky that you are getting this chance at home itself. She keep continue telling that I will make arrangement for you to fuck her tight virgin pussy, you just keep patience.

Now I was ready to pump out my juice as Escort was trying to pump out by sucking and shaking. My cock was getting harder and harder and my legs were getting tense and all of sudden my juicy semen came out with great force in the mouth of Escort. Escort was keep inhaling all of semen and afterwards she licked to finish all my semen which was spreaded on my balls and body. Now there was great relax on the face of Escort. Afterwards we all three relaxed for 5-10 minutes. Escort made milk-shake mixed with honey, dry fruits and we all had 2-2 glass of that. Afterwards Escort made my cock erected again on licking and messaging. Afterwards Escort asked Escort to lay down on bed and she start kissing to chicks, lips and boobs of Escort.